Family Law Forms

To better serve you, please print off and fill out each worksheet below that is applicable to your case. The Uniform Support Declaration may take some time to fill out, and you are welcome to call us for guidance.  You will need to gather all the information requested in the “Documents Needed” form. If children are involved, a parenting class will be required by the Court.  Also, please review the health insurance information and the Financial Restraining Order, as both parties are restrained, once the divorce is filed, in utilizing their assets, except, generally speaking, to meet their daily living needs.

Forms for you to Download and Fill Out:

Client Information (PDF)

Financial Uniform Support (Excel)

Financial Uniform Support (PDF)

Documents Needed (Excel)

Documents Needed (PDF)

Important Information and links:

Parenting Class Requirement

Health Insurance Rights

Mutual Restraining Order

Non-Custodial Parent's Bill of Rights

Oregon State Bar

Child Support Guidelines

Oregon Law (Oregon Statutes)

Oregon Courts (Circuit Court Website)

No Obligations


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We know that choosing a family law attorney or divorce attorney to represent you is an important, and often times difficult, task. We also know that you deserve a family lawyer that is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but is passionate and will take the time to get to know and understand your needs and those of your family.  Above all else, we know that you need an advocate.  We are an Oregon-based law firm that specializes in family law related cases (including divorce, child support, child custody, parenting time, property division, spousal support and more). When it comes to our clients, we combine zealous advocacy and compassion to fit their individualized needs. Divorce is hard, life changing and it is important you have the right divorce lawyer representing you.

To help you with the first steps of this process, our family law and divorce lawyers will meet with you for a consultation.  At that time, we will discuss your individual case; explain the process to you, and advise you on the court’s requirements, in an effort to put your mind at ease and empower you for your next steps.

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We are experienced family law and divorce attorneys, who practice in Portland and the surrounding areas. We are seasoned, compassionate, and well educated attorneys, who will work aggressively to resolve your needs and the needs of your family.  We will be your advocates and guide you every step of the way.