Family Law Forms

To better serve you, please print off and fill out each worksheet below that is applicable to your case. The Uniform Support Declaration may take some time to fill out, and you are welcome to call us for guidance.  You will need to gather all the information requested in the “Documents Needed” form. If children are involved, a parenting class will be required by the Court.  Also, please review the health insurance information and the Financial Restraining Order, as both parties are restrained, once the divorce is filed, in utilizing their assets, except, generally speaking, to meet their daily living needs.

Forms for you to Download and Fill Out:

Client Information (PDF)

Financial Uniform Support (Excel)

Financial Uniform Support (PDF)

Documents Needed (Excel)

Documents Needed (PDF)

Important Information and links:

Parenting Class Requirement

Health Insurance Rights

Mutual Restraining Order

Non-Custodial Parent's Bill of Rights

Oregon State Bar

Child Support Guidelines

Oregon Law (Oregon Statutes)

Oregon Courts (Circuit Court Website)

No Obligations


Oregon Civil Law

Oregon Family Law has a general civil law practice which includes:

  1. Business law: This includes the creation of business entities to supporting the business through various forms of litigation, such as collections, employment issues, trademarks and the like. This is a large and complex area of the law.
  2. Construction Law, including lien foreclosures: Construction law includes everything from building defects, to poor workmanship. Lien Foreclosures is a very specific process whereby a party that performed labor, supplied material or otherwise performed services for the improvement of real property secures payment for the service or work they performed. The process is very specific and following the process is essential to securing payment and for contesting a lien.
  3. Personal Injury Claims:Businesses and individuals have insurance for a reason, if you have been injured or harmed as a result of the fault of another, you need to make sure that you are made whole, or compensated for the injury you have suffered.
  4. Real Estate law:This covers everything from easements, to the purchase and sale of your home or real property.
  5. Land Use law:Land Use law involves the rights of the land owner in developing or utilizing their property in a specific manner. Oregon has one of the more complicated land use processes in the United States, and understanding what the City, County, State rules and regulations are, may increase or decease the value of your property.