Family Law Forms

To better serve you, please print off and fill out each worksheet below that is applicable to your case. The Uniform Support Declaration may take some time to fill out, and you are welcome to call us for guidance.  You will need to gather all the information requested in the “Documents Needed” form. If children are involved, a parenting class will be required by the Court.  Also, please review the health insurance information and the Financial Restraining Order, as both parties are restrained, once the divorce is filed, in utilizing their assets, except, generally speaking, to meet their daily living needs.

Forms for you to Download and Fill Out:

Client Information (PDF)

Financial Uniform Support (Excel)

Financial Uniform Support (PDF)

Documents Needed (Excel)

Documents Needed (PDF)

Important Information and links:

Parenting Class Requirement

Health Insurance Rights

Mutual Restraining Order

Non-Custodial Parent's Bill of Rights

Oregon State Bar

Child Support Guidelines

Oregon Law (Oregon Statutes)

Oregon Courts (Circuit Court Website)

No Obligations


Family Law FAQ

The Oregon State Bar has a great explaination of Family Law issues. Click here to go to the Oregon State Bar website

Here are some general questions and answers to help you understand some family law issues. They are not intended to provide answers to your individual case and must not be used as such.

How long does a divorce take?
If the parties are in agreement with everything it can be as short as a month, if there are children involved it can be as fast as it takes you to take the parenting class. Usually, in this type of case, it will take a month. If you cannot agree, it can take upto a year.
What if my spouse will not answer the Divorce Petition?
Once the other spouse has been served, he/she has 30 days to file an appearance. If they fail to file, you can take "default" against them which means you win. A Default Judgment is entered against the other party. No court appearance is required.
What if my spouse is speading all our money?
Once a divorce is filed, a statutory order goes into effect which orders the spouse to only spend money on normal daily life needs. If there is proof that a party is not obeying it, you can obtain court assisted relief.
My spouse controls all the money, I have nothing?
Your attorney can seek to obtain an Order requiring the spouse to pay temporary support.
My spouse has all the property in his name?
Your right to the property is not dependent upon whose name the property is in. If the property was acquired or increased in value during the marriage, you have an interest in the property. If it was acquired prior to the marriage, it is up the court to do what is just and equitable.
My spouse threatens to take the kids?
The court looks at several factors in determining who should be awarded custody. One of the more important factors is, who is the primary care provider. Parenting time is designed for the benefit of the children. So your spouse can threaten all he/she wants, it is a decision for the court to decide.
My spouse obtained a Restraining Order against me and it isn't true, what do I do?
Obey the Order, Obey the Order, Obey the Order and then call me. You have rights, if it is untrue we can have it dismissed. Or if the court doesn't dismiss it, we can have it modified so that you get parenting time, get some additional belongings, etc.
How much does a divorce cost?
It all depends upon the parties and who they select as their attorney. If you can agree on everything it is relatively inexpensive. If you can't the price goes up.
We have retirement accounts, how are they split up?
The court or the parties agree on how they should be divided, then you have to have a special order crafted called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) done and submitted to the court. For example, if there is a 401(k) account and it is divided and each receives one half, the QDRO would essentially separate it into two accounts one for each. Or if there is a pension, the QDRO separates the rights to the pension at a given moment in time.
What are these parenting classes we have to take?
Each county has its own program. In some counties, the class is one night for a few hours, in other counties, it can be one night a week for a month. Usually, the court will not allow a party to enforce a parenting plan unless the classes were completed. Meaning if you have failed to take the class and your spouse is not allowing you, your time with the children, the court will not hear the issue until you have taken the class. Sometimes the court will not grant the divorce until at least the custodial spouse has taken the class.
How is child support determined?
There are a number of issues. The easy way to figure it out is to go to my home page and click on child support worksheet and fill in the information and the guidelines will tell you the amount of support you owe.
How is spousal support determined?
There are a number of issues the court looks at; length of marriage, income of the parties, health of the parties, age, lifestyle etc. contribution of one spouse to the earning power of the other. It usually comes down to what is needed to put the spouse in need in a position to earn a living not overly disproportionate to the one enjoyed during the marriage. The goal being, each party should support themselves if possible over time. This can be a very complicated area of the law.